2019 KAAC Subscriptions

These have been due annually on 1st January in the past, but, as we hand over the Membership Secretary post, they will now be due on April 1st 2019 to synchronise with England Athletics registration.

Membership Renewal Form 2019

Membership Form 2019

2018 KAAC Subscriptions

An increase in the 2018 KAAC membership rates was approved at the Club AGM in November 2017.

First Claim Competing Member £27* (excludes under 11s).
Non-Competing, Second Claim, under 11 Competing Member £12
* Rates include the £15 England Athletics Competition Licence

At the AGM, Kendal AAC affiliation to Northern Athletics was approved at a cost of £2 per member. Although affiliation wasn’t compulsory we wouldn’t be able to enter any Northern Championships either as an individual or team without it. These include the Road Relays and Cross Country events which have always been very popular. This has come about due to a reduction in funding by England Athletics to Northern Athletics. The clubs will now need to fill this funding gap, otherwise Northern Athletics will fold very quickly.

In addition England Athletics have increased the cost of the Competition Licence to £15, and the club were again well short of covering the costs of championship entries.