COVID Procedures – training sessions update 23/10/20

We are reviewing our procedures constantly and doing our best to make sure that training sessions continue whilst keeping all COVID risk to a minimum.
Please remember that all our coaches are volunteers and already willingly give up significant amounts of time, all the time, to plan and deliver sessions.
Some of them are in a vulnerable category and are uncomfortable with travelling to a Tier 3 area.

This evening we have decided that the Thursday endurance sessions will be at The Queen Katherine School (Steve has acquired some lighting 👏👏) until we are confident of a safe return to Salt Ayre.
Lisa N is trying to negotiate a return to Salt Ayre for the other groups – please check with individual coaches for specific details if they haven’t been in touch with you.

Tuesdays continue as usual at QKS.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep safe and follow the guidelines, especially if you are one of the U/18s coming from Tier 3 into Tier 1 or vice versa.
England Athletics guidelines state that over 18s should not travel between Tiers for training.
Please monitor your own temperature (especially, take it before leaving home if you are Juniors travelling between Tiers), bring your own sanitiser so you always have some to hand even though coaches also have sanitiser available, and follow the established procedures for social distancing, avoid touching your face, especially eyes and ears, and if you have any symptoms yourself, have had a positive test result, have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive, please don’t come training.

If you want to do the session but would rather not travel, please ask your coach for details of what you could do from home.

Stay safe and stay fit so that we’re raring to go at the other side of this!
Margaret (Club Chairman)

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