FRA Club Ambassadors

 Please see below a few updates from the FRA Committee which I would be very grateful if you could share via your club’s website, newsletter or social media pages.

Jamie McIlvenny – COVID Co-ordinator

The FRA’s COVID working group continues to provide ongoing assessment of changes to Government guidelines. England Athletics recognise the unique nature of fell running and have been very supportive of the FRA as we work together to ensure the guidelines are interpreted appropriately. The recent announcement was very positive for a return to racing and the FRA’s full response can be found on our dedicated COVID page which will continue to be updated.

Helene Whitaker – Junior Co-ordinator

In order to help ensure that the Junior Championships races are COVID-compliant this year, they will be online pre-entry, with electronic timing and results. This is a significant change to what has been done previously. The FRA has used some of the generous voluntary donations of members to help fund this, which will ensure there is no impact on the price, keeping Junior fell racing accessible for all. This change has already been advertised through social media forums but it would be appreciated if you could cascade this through your clubs to ensure that all are aware of this change.

Andy McMurdo – Fixtures Secretary

Following the Government roadmap we have begun to license fell races (with suitable COVID risk assessment and controls in place, depending on individual race circumstances). Please could you inform any Race Organisers within your club that they may proceed with race registration and they are free to contact Andy to arrange for these to be registered and added to the FRA website.

Additional updates:

The FRA is making good progress on testing its new website with the initial page editor and the fixtures database currently being tested by the Committee. We are now working on the front-end design of the website. We may shortly require further system testers to help support this development. If you (or someone at your club) might be willing to help with this please get in touch. The new website is scheduled to go live this summer.

The FRA is currently investigating the resumption of the 50@50 series and a further update will be shared once Race Organisers have been able to confirm their intentions. Our hope is to complete the series this year.

In particular I would like to thank Jamie McIlvenny for the unenviable task of tackling the COVID guidance which has been a huge support to the Committee.

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